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S.Z. Securities (Pvt) Ltd

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Commencement of business from 1985 by LATE SHEIKH ZAHEER, S.Z  Securities is one of the oldest brokerage houses trading in Lahore Stock Exchange. Because of the the vast experience of the Chairman, Mr. Tariq Zaheer Sheikh, S.Z Securities has earned a good reputation at Lahore Stock Exchange.

Our clients are Corporate Companies, leading enterprises, prominent businessmen, big investors and national & multinational companies.

We provide Stock Market solution to our clients in terms of buying and selling shares on their behalf.

We have the expertise to deliver comprehensive and efficient stock market services to our clients.

We keep our self well informed on the affairs of the companies. Being registered brokerage member of stock exchange, we are expert of investment in shares and acts as a guide to the actual and potential investors.

We help our clients to achieve their short term and long term stock market objectives. We maintain secrecy of our clients and their transactions.

We welcome all the investors, who want us to trade on shares as per their At Best or Limit Order instructions. We feel pleasure to provide them our best advice to invest their money in the best available shares portfolios.

The mission of the Company is to provide their clients premium quality service and deliver optimal return to their shareholders.

The vision of the Director's of the Company is to become a leading securities firm and contribute its role in the growth of domestic capital markets and economy.

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